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Golf is such an exacting sport and the margins that can define a player’s season or their entire career continue to grow ever smaller with every passing tournament .These days the bar is continually rising in the pursuit of perfection and golfers face huge pressures to win at the business end of a major tournament. Winning can be elusive and is usually a combination of many factors coming together at the same time.

Of course the Players still have to maintain high levels of concentration over all 4 days if they want to win despite numerous distractions .Today’s stars have a strong support team around them to help them cope with the daily pressures that go hand in hand with being a top player but they still need that unique and special ability to pull a major win out of the bag when it matters most. Having made clothes for many of the sports major stars I can say there is something very special about the guys who have won golf’s biggest tournaments and these qualities were very evident from the first moment that I met them and long before they became major winners. Apart from their dedication, desire and supreme skill they also possessed a formidable mental strength and combined this with relentless practice, hard work and a rare attention to the smallest detail.


Horror Fashion

Through my daily dealings I became aware of the unbelievable demands on these palyers  time and concentration by media and sponsors that go with this success. Two things above all others impressed me most about them the first was an ability to instantly put things out of there mind if results had not gone their way there by not compounding problems.The second was an close attention to detail in things which mattered to them.

This is wear the fun began for me as there is nothing I love more than a person who notices small details and quality when he sees it. Dressing well is such a wonderful thing and can really add so much to someone’s life and approach to what they do. Golf was becoming huge again on the back of Tiger mania and Europe had a clutch of rising starts who would soon dominate the world stage. Sponsorship has always been big business and players needed to look their best on course to attract new fans and new sponsors with this sudden surge in the popularity of golf. Players became more photographed and golf as a whole entered a whole new dimension with the boom in on course fashion.

This often ranged from the cool to the sometimes ridiculous outfits captured so hungrily by the media and in a way hampered the emerging and many sharp looks on the tour as players wanted to be remembered for their golf and not their trousers. These fashion lapses were often reported as “Wardrobe malfunctions or savvy fashion statements? You make the call “and the player’s golf frequently failed to live up to the high exposure his outfit was awarding him.

I have worked with fabric all my life and look at its qualities for function, comfort and then make sure it is carefully cut and sewn together to produce a golf trouser performs perfectly when worn. Of course Golf places different demands on what is needed and listening and observing where key areas at first and then it was easy to apply my experience in making perfect bespoke golf trousers each time for the discerning professional and keen amateur golfer alike.

Jamie Henfrey founded Marc Oliver in 2008. With an extensive background in men’s tailoring and design, he’s had the opportunity to distinguish himself by serving many of England’s leading figures from the word of sport and finance. As head designer for Marc Oliver tailoring he has been the driving force behind the brand that has attracted many of today’s leading entrepreneurs and company directors to the label, as they appreciate his fresh approach to tailoring.  He also enjoys working as a stylist, branding and retail strategy consultant to some of the UK’s very best designer brands.


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Sean Morris Black Heart Champion

Sean Morris wins the bragging rights in style to become “The Black Heart Champion” at Wentworth Club Surrey, receiving the first ever Champions Jacket from Cory Pavin – Ryder Cup Captain Team USA.

Black Heart Jacket Designed & Made by Marc Oliver Tailoring

Golf International Magazine

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Exhibition at The Wellington Club ” Knightsbridge London SW1
Follow on Exhibition at the Jonathan Wylder Gallery Belgravia SW1

James Cosmo Actor – as  ” The Bankster”
The Bankster Financial  God Like Character Responsible for the Global Financial meltdown ( Fictional)

Suit / Outfit Made & Designed By Marc Oliver Tailoring

This project was a very interesting to me  as it was at the moment …. The world was in financial turmoil and someone was to blame for it all… The Bankster was born.

I could visualise this character straight away in his pinstripe suit, a cunning smile upon his face without a care for the turmoil and chaos he created by triggering a global financial meltdown.

James Cosmo was terrifying, making “The Bankster” come alive before our eyes.

James Cosmo wearing a bespoke Marc Oliver design


James Cosmo wearing a bespoke Marc Oliver design


James Cosmo wearing a bespoke Marc Oliver design

Photography By Chris Bissell

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