Sean Morris Black Heart Champion

Sean Morris wins the bragging rights in style to become “The Black Heart Champion” at Wentworth Club Surrey, receiving the first ever Champions Jacket from Cory Pavin – Ryder Cup Captain Team USA.

Black Heart Jacket Designed & Made by Marc Oliver Tailoring

Golf International Magazine


The film Oliver Twist ends brutally with the death of  Nancy followed shortly afterwards by the death of  Bill Sikes. Mark Lester’s character “young  Oliver Twist ” is  seen leaving with Mr Brownlow.

The audiance are led to believe that Mr Brownlow adopts the “young Oliver Twist” and the film ends leaving the rest to our imagination…..

Mark Lester re-creates his character “Oliver Twist” …… He did not become the boy we thought he might,but instead grew up and filled the shoes of The deceased Bill Sikes ….

Mark Lester Shown here as the sinister  “Oliver Twist” The man.

Suit and Outfit Designed by Marc Oliver Tailoring

Mark Lester as Oliver Twist the man

Photography By Chris Bissell



Exhibition at The Wellington Club ” Knightsbridge London SW1
Follow on Exhibition at the Jonathan Wylder Gallery Belgravia SW1

James Cosmo Actor – as  ” The Bankster”
The Bankster Financial  God Like Character Responsible for the Global Financial meltdown ( Fictional)

Suit / Outfit Made & Designed By Marc Oliver Tailoring

This project was a very interesting to me  as it was at the moment …. The world was in financial turmoil and someone was to blame for it all… The Bankster was born.

I could visualise this character straight away in his pinstripe suit, a cunning smile upon his face without a care for the turmoil and chaos he created by triggering a global financial meltdown.

James Cosmo was terrifying, making “The Bankster” come alive before our eyes.

James Cosmo wearing a bespoke Marc Oliver design


James Cosmo wearing a bespoke Marc Oliver design


James Cosmo wearing a bespoke Marc Oliver design

Photography By Chris Bissell