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For many years major brands have courted celebrities and paid them huge sums of money to be seen using or wearing their products. This is done with the clear objective of sharing  the celebrities fame and starlight in the hope of increasing sales by adding glamour to their own label by association.

It can be a great relationship for both parties when managed correctly often leading to huge financial rewards and increased media coverage. When someone achieves personal success or becomes cool we naturally like associate ourselves with that person as it reminds us of our own dreams. People are prepared to pay big money to follow their heroes and spend small fortunes on the products that they endorse. I have admired many great people through the years and would be lying if I said no one had influenced me as my dad had huge effect on my life for starters.The word hero means different things to different people.

Here is my problem as who is a hero…?  And at what point do they become a true celebrity…?

When I was growing up there were so many great stars in the media spotlight and they had actually achieved something special to get there, often enduring great personal sacrifice or pushing themselves to a higher plain. These people gave us “the ordinary people” personal targets to strive for in our own lives, seeing our idols achieve greatness inspired us to keep going no matter how tough it seemed … If they could do it! Why not us?

Today the world is a very different place as young people clamor more than ever to be recognized and seek personal fame as some life defining achievement in itself. Something has gone very wrong with our so-called role models these days as they are often people who have done little more than appearing on a TV program. The birth of shows like the X Factor has propelled people of mixed or no talent into millions of homes at the drop of a hat , as long as it’s good for the ratings it goes on the show. So at what stage do people start to become a marketable asset for a brand? It is obvious to see that being associated with stars like David Beckham, Roger Federer is a shrewd choice for a big brand but they are now headline acts costing big bucks.


My questions are aimed a little lower down the chain as often I meet people who have started to slip down the fame ladder or who are just starting the long fight to the top. I am always rocked slightly when someone say’s to me with all seriousness “do you know who I am? I suppose it is because I feel when someone actually say’s this to me that I should actually know them without formal introductions. These days it is all too easy to get confused as people become “mini hyped” overnight. These are the very people who often need an image consultant or constructive advice on getting their look right in the first place. Instead their heads can be  filled with the dreams that they should receive things for free because of who they are and this line of thinking can usually be traced back to an agent.

David Beckham

Brands should always seek to find a good fit before they allow their image to be carried by a well known personality as it can be a winning fomular when done correctly!

Jamie Henfrey founded Marc Oliver in 2008. With an extensive background in men’s tailoring and design, he’s had the opportunity to distinguish himself by serving many of England’s leading figures from the word of sport and finance. As head designer for Marc Oliver tailoring he has been the driving force behind the brand that has attracted many of today’s leading entrepreneurs and company directors to the label, as they appreciate his fresh approach to tailoring.  He also enjoys working as a stylist, branding and retail strategy consultant to some of the UK’s very best designer brands.


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