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At last the summer months are here and with them come the invitations to this year’s fashionable parties and must attend events. The social calendar has well and truly woken from its post Christmas excesses offering a non stop ride for the fun loving man about town. Of course this brings with it a few problems that can worry even the most confident and assured man “what should he wear”? Men are differently programmed in the way that they shop and usually make impulse pressure purchases which can take a lot of pleasure out of the whole experience.

It always amazes me that men often only start to think about their attire when they catch sight of an invitation on their doormat or are only a few weeks away from an important event. Then over the next few days they start to look thru their wardrobe hoping to find a solution , surely they should be able to squeeze one more event out of an old favorite only to remember it’s short comings last time out.

This dilemma can be avoided with a little effort as planning what to wear can be great fun whilst adding to the anticipation of the event. Don’t wait any longer go to your wardrobe now and check if your outfits are as ready to wear as you think they are. You will probably find that your wardrobe needs freshening up a bit to give a little boost to your summer look and this can be done fairly easily with a few clever purchases.

Start with your shirts as a good shirt can make a bad outfit look much stronger as it is always what people notice first. Do your shirts actually go with what you intended to wear with them or did you just buy them because they looked good in the shop?

When buying a shirt it is always a good idea to have what you intend to wear with it close at hand so you can see how it looks together. Choose your colours and fabrics carefully as they are an important part of getting your personal look right. Avoid buying cheap fashion gimmicks or garish colours as they age very quickly and can be worn only a few times before becoming well known by your friends and peers. Choose shirts that will work with more than one outfit and don’t be afraid to ask the shop if you can try them on to check that the cut works for you.

Cool Italian Cotton

A man can never have enough Jackets, they are a god save for anyone who wants to jump out of a suit and still look smart. This year well tailored jackets are being used to create strong summer looks and lighter colours are leading the way. Simple detailing is being used to create personal looks that will receive admiring glances where ever the wearer goes. One and two button styles are leading the look very much this year and both can be very versatile when chosen carefully. I always sink inside when I see a man destroying a good jacket by wearing a pair of jeans with a poorly chosen shirt and tie combination, it’s so lazy. Jackets can be worn with jeans but you should never combine the look by wearing a tie as it often looks ridiculous. Choose a couple of trousers when buying a jacket as you can change your look from formal to casual quite easily if you plan ahead. This season a well cut Jacket is worth its weight in gold, it can be dressed up or down with ease and is a garment of choice at the moment.

The more formal summer events like Ascot or Henley have a strict dress code as do many others but a man is given a lot of freedom to choose how he would like to express his own personal style. A well tailored suit is the preferred attire for this arena, choose the fabric and cut carefully as they can make all the difference to your overall look. As I have mentioned already the shirt is a key ingredient in defining your look and should be chosen at the same time as a waistcoat and tie. Waistcoats are being worn to a greater degree these days and are the perfect way to add colour to and define your overall look. Keep any patterns small and choose colours that complement each other and resist the temptation of buying the loud waistcoat on the top shelf in the shop, better to leave it there.

Following these simple tips will have you feeling and looking great wherever you go this summer, enjoy the ride!

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